Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 249

October 12, 2016

Transmission 249

Get Over You (Kevin Shields 2016 Remix) – The Undertones

Why Pick On Me – TheStandells

I’m A Liar – The Hammersmith Gorillas

To Know Him Is To Love Him – Ross Johnson and Jeffrey Evans

Precaution – Pylon

Touryanse – Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans

SS Cassidinea – Damaged Bug

On the way to Mother Sky – Can

I Can See (KXP Live Mix) – Moon Duo

The Monkey Drop – New Jersey Kings

Bombalien – Don Thomas

Only You (Disco Jam) – Steve Monite

Don’t Believe the Hype – Public Enemy

Shaved Women – Crass

Song for Che – Robert Wyatt

Real World – Pere Ubu

Type-U-Blood – Make Up

Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It – Kelley Stoltz

Different Drum – Mike Nesmith

Assvogel – Carbonas

C’Mon Let’s Go – Paley Brothers/ Ramones

A German Sleeps In My Bed – The Male Nurse

Run Little Children – Danny Kroha

These Lies – Vita Noctis

Glitter – Singapore Sling

Little Black Egg – Danny & the Darleans

I’m Insane – T-Model Ford


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 248

October 12, 2016

Transmission 248

Perfect Day – Harlan T Bobo

Jessica’s Fingertip – Jason Steel

Back To Manhattan – Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts

14th Floor –Television Personalities

Skeletons – Inflatable Boy Clams

Shoot You Down – APB

Hade – Vita Noctis

Back On the Pills – The Male Nurse

Looking Up At You – Looking Down On Me – Andre Williams

Put It On – “Count” Rockin’ Sidney with the Dukes

Scuffling – Magic Slim

She’s the One That Got It – Allen Page

The Kneeling Drunkard’s Prayer – The Louvin Brothers

Pop Or Not – Whyte Horses

Faust Banana (Peel Session) – The Fall

Martin’s Funeral – Bill Cosby

9mm – Butter 08

A Chant For Bu – Art Blakey

Sweet Bonnie Brown/ Too Much – The Velvet Underground

Slavaje – Los Saicos

Monk Time – Monks

Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu – Safet Isovic

Everyday People – Sly & the Family Stone

Bad Eye – Wynder K. Frog

Mary Had A Little Lamb – Daphen Oram

Miniatures Band 2 – Morgan Fisher

Enter the Mirror – Les Rallizes Denudes


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 247

October 1, 2016

Transmission 247

Grow Fins – Captain Beefheart

Domino – The Cramps

Plastic Cowboy – The Yummy Fur

Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey – Mark Sultan

For Practical Purposes (I Love You) – Chain & the Gang

Georgia In A Jug – Shockabilly

I Feel Like Buddy Holly – Ted Chippington

The Wheels On the Bus – Modern Lovers

See Emily Play – Pink Floyd

Black Bunker – Prinzhorn Dance School

My Baby, I Killed Her – Coachwhips

Chinese Song – Shonen Knife

The Organization – The Herms

The Light – White Fence

You’re the Doctor – Ty Segall

Drive You Faster – John Schooley and his One Man Band

Blind Love – Jack Oblivian and the Sheiks

Heartache – The Lazy Cowgirls

Spaghetti – The Wave Pictures

Djama – Idrissa Soumaoro

He’s Working Overtime – Paul Leary

Tomorrow – the Vacant Lots

Holy Road – The Blind Shakes

Outta My Way – Danny and the Darleans

What If I Run Out Of My Pills – Chariot

Ride the Pony – Betty Harris

Suzanne – Nina Simone

Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordian – The Lovely Eggs


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 246

September 29, 2016

Transmission 246

Last White Christmas –Basement 5

Philosophy of the World –The Shaggs

The Light Pours Out Of Me– Magazine

L’Adorable Femmes Des Neiges – Christie Laume

Too Shy – Moe Tucker

Irk/ Lemon Flower – IvorCutler

So What If I Couldn’tTake It – Jeffrey Lewis

She Lies Awake –Younghusband

Black Hair – Alex G

Jumping Someone Else’sTrain – The Cure

Untitled – Marc and theMambas

You’re So Strange (live)– Reigning Sound

The Last Bridge ofSpencer Smith – Country Teasers

These Are the FinestQueen Boys (I’ve Ever Seen) – The Frogs

Mavi Sepet – HayvanlarAlemi

Big Eyed Beans From Venus– Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Come Right In, From 20Miles – 20 Miles

Ghetto Cross – The BlackLips

Blindness (Peel Session)– The Fall

She’s My Girl – Dom Thomas

Overcraft – Alessandro Alessandroni/Sorgini Giuliano

White Cliffs Of Dover –Robins

Green Power – Quasimoto

Time Has Come – U.N.K.L.E.vs Major Force EMS Orchestra

Takin’ You Down – Simply Saucer

Nighttime – The AmazingSnakeheads

Bug Out Bag – Danny and theDarleans


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 245

September 15, 2016

Transmission 245

Flying Saucer Safari – Suburban Lawns

The Throne – The Devil

The Nap – Baleine 3000

Litter Love – Kelley Stoltz

How Can I Love You If You Won’t Lie Down – Silver Jews

Here Comes the Cyborgs (Part 1) – Simply Saucer

Deanna – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Magic Onion – The Lovely Eggs

Lock It Up – Eater

Up and Down Like A Bride’s Nightie – John Shuttleworth

Down In The Pits – The Armpits

Alfie Noakes – Derek and Clive

North Cackalacky Girl – Reigning Sound

Everywhere I Look – The Milkshakes

Dots In the Fog – The Blind Shakes

The Dolphins – Al Wilson

There’s A Break in the Road – Betty Harris

Oh, Baby Won’t You Come Back Home To Croydon, Where Everybody Beedle An’ Bo’s – Brian Auger

Cease To Exist – Charles Manson

Other Stars – Wooden Shjips

Flesh Tour – Wand

Block Of Ice – Thee Oh Sees

Moonchild – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

Think – Lonnie Smith

Melody Lee – The Damned

Superficial Cat (Red Snapper Vocal Mix) – Edwyn Collins

Gibble Gobble – Jack O’ Fire


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 244

September 15, 2016

Transmission 244

Dance of the Dream Man – Angelo Badalamenti

In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) – David Lynch & Alan R. Splet

Storm Warning – Mac Renennack

The Mooche/ Vapona, Not Glue – Aksak Maboul

Butterfucker – Butter 08

Hang It Out To Dry – Bud and Kathy

Louis Riel – Thee Headcoatees

You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now – {arkay Quarts

Electro Rock – Simply Saucer

Celebrate Summer – T. Rex

Fish + Doctor – Hot Toasters

Yègelè Tezeta – Mulatu Astatke

New York City’s Like A Graveyard – The Moldy Peaches

Night of the Assassins – Les Ralizes Denudes

Yeah, You’re Right – The Meters

Incomprehensibly Yours – David Candy

Ricky Ticky Tocky – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Severed Lips – Dinosaur Jr.

Goin Down – Dinosaur Jr.

Al Capone – Prince Buster

Baby Don’t You Love Me No More – Leadbelly

Mr Spaceman – The Holy Modal Rounders

Bluffin - Quasimoto

The Pot Head Pixies – Gong

I’m So Green – Can

Trouble With My Baby – The Seeds & Sky Saxon

Come Outside – Ty Segall


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 22

September 8, 2016

Mystery transmission................


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 243

August 26, 2016

Transmission 243

Hot Wax – Beck

Tire Shop Part 2 – King Lee! Featuring Quintron

Funky Boss – Beastie Boys

I Heard It On the X – ZZ Top

Apache – Sugarhill Gang

More Haddock Oh More – The Wibbley Brothers

Fried Oyster – Baleine 3000

The Human Body – Pylon

Frogs Sing Loudly in the Ditches – The Wave Pictures

Much Too Late – The Undertones

Rumble ’69 – Kasenatz Katz Singing Orchestral Circus

Chicken Shake – Hasil Adkins

Surfer Girl – Sonny & the Sunsets

Don’t Look Back – The Remains

Jack U Off – Prince

Gentle Violence – Black Lips

Wild Mutha - The Mummies

Lief the Unlucky – William S. Burroughs

Jammed Entrance – Thee Oh Sees

Sed Knife – U.S. Girls

Ghetto Mom – John Spencer Blues Explosion

Sweet Sweet Sadie – The Missing Souls

Gotta Give It Time – The Monkees

I Can Hear the Grass Grow – The Fall

We Call Upon the Author – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Miracles – Shonen Knife

Casa Domani - Move


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 242

August 26, 2016

Transmission 242

Gonna Rain – Baleine 3000

A Day of the Factory – Shonen Knife

Upstate – Jason Loewenstein

Your Heart Breaks - Paul Baribeau

Peek A Boo – Eddie Bridges and his Lowriders

Heart of Stone – Dexter Romweber Duo

Have You Seen My Baby – Flamin’ Groovies

Starman – The Space Lady

Panik – Metal Urbain

Melted Rope – Wand

(mit 1) Saure Gurke (aus 1 Urwald gelockt) – Aksak Maboul

Ego – Charles Manson

Waves of Fear – Lou Reed

Aneurysm – Nirvana

Stroker Ace – Ween

Gimme Indie Rock – Sebadoh

The Drum – Car Seat Headrest

It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft – The Resonars

No Count – Pussy Galore

Holy Ghost Don’t Leave Me – Danny Kroha

Garden – The Fall

Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To the Party – Courtney Barnett

Living In A Memory – The Growlers

Held – Smog

Son Of A Preacher Man- Mongo Santamaria

I Shall Be Released – Nina Simone

Long May You Run – The Stills Young Band


Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 241

August 4, 2016

Transmission 241

From the Late to the Early - Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane

Butterfly – Twin Peaks

Nothing Conquers Us – Goodnight Loving

It Was Me – Los Mockers

All Through the City – The New Piccadillys

Power House – Bo Diddley

Nam Vet – Dan Sartain

Hold It/ Here Comes the Judge – The Make-Up

It’s Gonna Rain – Gentleman June Gardner

Kelly Watch the Stars – Air

Map Ref. 41N 93W – Wire

Victoria – Sonic Youth

Softer, Softest – Hole

She’s A Nymphomaniac (Horny Club Mix) – New-Ro

Hold Me Right – ESG

Johannesburg – Gil Scott Heron

Whitest Boy on the Beach – The Fat White Family

5 Minutes – The Stranglers

You Don’t Have To Be Smart – Gibby Haynes

Pretty Girl – Reigning Sound

Crawfish – Elvis Presley

Peaches En Regalia – Frank Zappa

Oh Yeh Yeh – Chrissy Zebby Tembo

Over! Over! – The Fall

Spoon – Can

It’s Nothing To Me – The Abigails

Lureland – Wreckless Eric