Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 252

November 10, 2016

Transmission 252

Always Make Your Bed – Nodzz

I’m Waiting for the Man – Warm Soda

Psychological Thriller – Holy Wave

Milkshake – Yuck

In Love – The Raincoats

The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness – The Feelies

Kill the Poor – Dead Kennedys

Wardance – Killing Joke

Burn ‘Em Down – Abrasive Wheels

North Hollywood Microwaves – The Pink Mountaintops

The Nerd/ Turkey Song – Wreckless Eric

Bertha Lou – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns

Ask My Old Room Mate Man – Spray Paint

She Don’t Care About Time – The Byrds

Who Loves the Way? – Beatglider

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep – Tim Hardin

Dawning Of A New Era – The Specials

Heartland – The The

Cry All Night – Wilco

Alone Again – King Khan & BBQ Show

Vienna II – Parquet Courts

I’m Down – Calvin Johnson

Footsteps of the Heron – The Incredible String Band

Bye Bye – The Clean

Ballroom Spritzer – Muertos

I Just Want To Be Your Friend – The Wave Pictures

I Hate Hate - Razzy


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